Finding out about basque history in Madrid

One of my jobs is work as documentalist for professional archaeologists. I digg out and, of course, I also research the subject their analyzing in archives, libraries and museums, to collaborate with them rediscovering our history.

During this week I’ve been working in Madrid, recovering lots of interesting documents and information in more than five institutions and some family archives. I want to thank them all for helping me.

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Goienagusi: Education the way to reach our goals.

I’ve met a group of people who gives a new sense to the word “Retirement”. They meet every monday to rack their brains and get out the best of themselves learning and learning. The age is not a barrier to approach to the knowledge for all the members of Goienagusi. It is a local association of Deba valley which organizes a lot of courses and conferences for the members of it but, also for all the inhabitants of Mondragón, Bergara, Oñate and the rest of the surrounding towns.

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Do women from Mondragon deserve a street with their name?

In 2012 a few days after the International Women’s Day, when I was secretary of a local cultural association, I requested the government of Mondragon to modify the street names of the city in order to repair and correct the inequality between men and women in it. There are, at least, fifteen mondragoners in our odonym, non of them a woman.

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